At the junction of Krakow

Axis is located in the heart of the capital of Malopolska, next to the Mogilskie Roundabout. This is where the most important streets are located as well as the second ring road of Krakow, creating a major axis of the administrative and business center. Axis will have 9 above-the-ground floors, 3 underground floors and very well developed infrastructure for cyclists. Area of 20 000 sqm will fill green solutions and modern technology friendly to both the environment and users of the building.

Monika Tkacz
19 298 m2
leasable area
1 183 m2
retail area
above the ground floors
bicycle parking spots
Scandinavian freshness

Team of Axis architects

„Axis welcomes you, encourages to enter the building, sit in an open passage with the cup of espresso in your hand. The scent of brewed coffee is a synonym of our civilization for me, the whiteness of the walls is a symbol of modernity and the wooden details of interiors are bringing the Scandinavian architecture’s climate to your mind”Artur Jasiński,
architect of Axis building

Hundreds of reasons, thousands of ideas

We understand the importance of comfortable work environment and we provide solutions that make the employee feel natural in our offices. Unrestricted access to the daylight, 30% more fresh air, air conditions and humidifiers foster effective cooperation.

In Axis, we also offer an inspiring design in a variety of places – those dedicated to quite work, relaxation, creative brainstorms and coffee breaks. We know that such environemnt is a foundation of unusual ideas. Thinking about the development of the companies and about the chaning needs of the tenants and employees, we also reach for innovative technical solutions. That is why our offices can be easily and functionally arranged.

Amenities in close proximity
  • Old town
    15 min.
  • Botanic Garden
    5 min.
  • Central station
    10 min.
  • Shopping mall
    15 min.
  • Public transport
    3 min.
  • Bus lines
  • Tram lines
Building plans
Advantages of project

Axis office building will be certified in LEED system- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design at one of the highest levels. What does it mean? Low energy consumption, the use of environmentally friendly building materials, low emissions and technical devices that reduce the cost of daily use.

energy consumption reduced by
water consumption reduced by
more air than in standard
Kraków - the biggest market

According to the organisation Project for Public Spaces, Kraków has the best square in the world. With the dimensions of 200 x 200 sqm, it also happens to be the largest in Europe. Every year, the Main Market Square is visited by 9 000 000 tourists. Kraków is also the biggest market of business service sector in the old continent, In this competition, Krakow is the only European thet elbows its way through Asian hegemons. Krakow inhabitants appreciate high quality of life as well as deep-rooted traditions and cultural heritage of the city and studens appreciate its informal atmosphere.

200 000 of students

22 Universities

65 000 graduates

„Kraków is the best place for leisure activities. Błonia park, Vistula boulevards, Planty Park.”
„I like pretzels from Kraków the most”
„I love to walk by Floriańska street, heading to Old Town, when the sun is shining straight onto my face”
„I like city for countless meeting places - casual and business ones.”

Between Mogilskie and Grzegórzeckie roundabout Superpath is being developed – unique design of urban space. The inhabitants will decide about how space will look like. First, they will take part in a series of workshops with architects. Axis is a part of the project Superpath - the first that big placemaing action in Poland

Workplaces by Skanska

Skanska development competence goes beyond construction of a building. We create workplaces where quality and innovation go hand in hand thanks to our extensive international experience.

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